Corruption Speaks

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

I dwell in the hearts of callous men,
I control and make them insatiable, 
why all these campaigns against me?,
why set me on fire with sulphur and brimstone?
why set me ablaze with special gasoline and gas without ash?

I am the most popular being;doubt it...
then you are a living dead,
On pages of newspapers,on radio,on television screens;
I`m being talked about.

Government quarters are my abode,
I reside in the corridors of power,
I`m even power..,itself.
can you kill me?,
can you make me burn to ashes?
so far,my temples are  in existence,
I`m untouchable,fire resistant.

I have produced many children and grand children;
but wait.....
they are dying slowly...
Alas!there are gang ups....!
gang ups against me and my children,
my time is running out...,
another king is coming;
I`m waiting for new temples
to reside and rule over,
so as to perpetuate my reign,
Are you ready for me?,
I`m ready to give you cold icy drinks
to quench your thirst...

*Personification of corruption*

Olusegun Arowolo
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