fragile heart crossing

Written by: Yolanda Jones

i'd loved you before 
between karma and mirth 
i'd weathered the wrath 
of your untimely compassion 

rationed out over time 
crumbling through my frail fingers 
as dried daisies perrished 
among torn twigs
tampered with under 
rough gravel concrete slabs 
and rows of moss 
saturated in coarse dander 

i'd loved you before 
while tainted bliss cried 
as swollen eyelids opened 
over crawling lashes 

folded under soft tissue's 
and pastel print linen 
i'd loved you before 
through a selfless lens 

looking over calming 
whelms bestowed silently
surrounding broad weeping 
willows sparingly displaying 

fields of dandelions 
gesturing hush now 
why had i ever loved you