New Life

Written by: Gale Greenwood

There it is, I can see it,
	out in the distance, skyscrapers rising on the horizon.
Electricity in the air, I can feel it,
	lights imitating the stars in the night sky.
Still, it is a simple vision, I know it,
        one of many images found written in my sigh.

Holding on tight to this sight,
        as I’ve seen many pictures fly by.
Grasping with all my strength,
        wishes of miracles to greet this soul.
Yet, here I am locked within these four walls.

But I see, or is it an illusion?
        The gate is standing wide open.
Oh, do I dare?
       What would it feel like to walk away without a care?
Or, should I stare?
       What would it look like to live with time to spare?
Simply, I walk through,
        I shut the gate and head down the road to a future undeclared.