Too Much Of Me

Written by: Chyleen Lopez

I feel like I'm all alone
Feeling like such a no one.
Al I do is Cry.
All I wanna do is hide.

It's taking too much of me.

Tearing me apart
Breaking me down,
It's killing me now.

It's stealing everything.

There's a lot,
That I didn't know
Somethings I wish was to be
Left unknown. 

It's pulling me under.
It's time to get over,
The fact that I was left alone,
Thrown, to the curb.
Hurt with no words. 

It's taking too much from me

I feel so dumb,
My body is numb.
You got up and left 
The person I thought you loved.

You Took All Of Me,
Maybe Too Much Of Me.