O bliss be found,
Mine heart love bound.
Blackened soul once sold,

Thou chivalrous knight in war waged
Hell's defeated demons enraged.
Breaching Satan's stronghold.

Shackles encompass mine soul,
Bereft of a shard heart whole.
Misery an unwelcome guest.

Mounted upon white steed of purity,
Erasing all darkened obscurity
Mine heart again be blessed

Fire and brimstone mine prison,
Safeguarded by hell-hounds risen
Rescued from Lucifer's castle keep,

Howls infiltrate the night,
Shivers rampid from mine plight
A hero salves each tear I weep.

Ardent kisses awaken passion,
Quieting dithers ashen.
Gentled the beast's thunder,

Clasp softly heart's trepidation,
Thou art mine salvation.
Shackled chains that bind but sunder.