Necklace and bracelet

Written by: Ahsan Rajput

I wish I were the necklace on your chest 
Wear me round your neck like diamond dew 
Let me listen to your heart the beat’s unrest 
The jolts of love that come to summon you 

Let me lie upon your chest so close to near 
Like a crystal tear drop, an exquisite Geist 
That paints the night for you a mystic seer 
That longs to snuff each star into surmise 

Bejeweled and bewitched a charming shine 
Come hither baby boy please say your mine 

Wish I were the bracelet on your dainty hand 
Where urging love exceeds the sweet accede 
Wear me like a true illusion of dessert sand 
Anxious in apartness, aromatize your need 

Place the incalescence of your lips on mine 
Come night your way into my pillow sham 
Let all my anxious spells of eagerness recline 
Into the clinking patio doors of chaste Ashram 

If nothing but this unknown relation is my due 
Carve me with delirium and elation, I love you. 

Written by: Ahsan Khalid & Rose Mystic