Written by: elizabeth landon-lane

Even now, closing my eyes
Before a small Death smiling
In tandem with Sundown,
Brings kaleidescope images of you.
And Time away cannot cancel your Being
Behind the violet darkness of closed eyes.

And I wonder how long forever is in heartbeats
Measured by the absence of love
Recalled in your brown eyes
Reflecting clearly through a clouded mirror
I have held forever.

One small woman, and a butterfly
With broken wings
Settle for recollections of free flight
And the knowlwege they both were beautiful
In the sunlight....passed beyond High Noon...
But it fades
As all memories will fade when only one remembers.

In the near Death of forgetfulness
That follows passing Time...
When only one recalls
The details of committment embraced,
There lives a quiet saddness...

Hopelessly hoping beside an open Pandora's Box
Full of air and yesterday's tears,
Is the certainty
That only the butterfly will live...
And I still cannot forget;
I still cannot let go.

But I will not settle for less than you;
And remembrance
Proves no enemy
After all.....even now,
Closing my eyes....
A small Death still smiles...