Hot Southern Mess

Written by: James Loggins

I am not some successful rich man
I am merely a man of simple taste
I do not drink champagne or drive sports cars
I drink nice cold beer and drive a jacked up Chevy

I am not some intellectual genius
I just learn with my two hands
I do not have some tightly cramped office job
I break my back working at the loading docks

I do not go to any five star reservation restaurants 
Kentucky Friend Chicken and Cracker Barrel do just fine
I do not listen to the music of Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett
Hank Junior and Skynyrd are a part of my life

I do not have a big house
I simply own a tiny shack on a big piece of land
I do not know how to play the clarinet or cello
The guitar is basically my third arm

I may not have a pearly white smile
I may not be some smart sophisticated gentleman
But there is one thing I know that I am
And that is one hot southern mess