Adamantine Tears

Written by: Deborah shepard

Angels tears hover still solace in the soul
 Blessing the opaque kiss
 Amongst the winds each touch , I feel in each twilight
 Sketched in painted horizon aspiring lights

 Angels tears shelter my being
 priceless showered lights seen
 Prelim the kiss,delicate erodes sing
 Azure tokens dressed in satin time, each chimes ring

 Beautiful lace beings , auras keepsakes worn
 Soothing in souls kiss each page not torn
 Celestial kaleidoscopes whimpering peace
 Joys smiled in each heart borrowed woven's , within each

 Sapphires treasured tranquility written in silvery sands
 Gliding in each vesper Mena
 Music betwixt in leaflets borne 'where do the , armed warriors lithe
 Adamantine lace strewn, all rainbows seek his will