Scarlet Rose


Comes the conqueror to invade,
To imprison, to bind, to enslave.
An untouched heart so easy to breach,
Ignorant to a merciful beseech.
Love drives a mighty sharp thorn,
The defenses battered and torn.
All hearts worn like a stigmata shield,
Forged with heat from love's battlefield.
Triumphantly raised, coat-of-arms,
The intent for the enemy’s disarms.
Love heralds conflict with each exhaled breath,
A piece of a soul dies a tormented death.
Some thrive on the anguish and pain,
Others decree never ever again.
Though the battle most assuredly fought,
The spoils of war, ardor e'ermore sought. 
Through the battle lovers wage,
The goal to capture and cage.
But though the battles fought,
The impressionable heart is taught.
A flower so beauteous, yet weak,
The spirit suseptable to defeat.
Love's influence takes root and grows,
with a new dawn, flourishes a scarlet rose.