Heart Broken

Written by: Carmen Erickson

Heart broken, 
Words unspoken. 
But hey,
It's okay.
There's others out there,
Maybe they'll care,
Cause I don't need a fake,
Who just loves to take,
And I am healing,
A hard time dealing,
Cause you always run,
Brake ups arn't fun,
But i realize and see, 
It's not meant to be,
I feel happy inside,
I never cried. 
I'll  give things a chance,
Then find true romance,
But ill wait a bit,
Till I'm over  it. 
Loving you ain't bad,
But I lost what I had. 
you werent my guy,
And now I know why. 
You just didn't see,
The beauty in me,
 inside don't matter to you,
Heck I'm glad we're through,
If you just accept what you see,
Then I'm glad you dumped me. 
And I won't tollerate,
The anger and hate. 
You know what it's about,
You wanted an out. 
You got what earned,
Another lesson learned. 
You dont get other chances
Just stares and dirty glances,
Cause breaking  up for perfection,
Won't give you a connection,
If your love was just fake,
Then I made a mistake. 
The things i truly admired,
In our love has now expired.