New Jersey

Written by: Joe Flach

New Jersey was just a pass through state
From Boston to Myrtle Beach
Just a turnpike in our rear view mirror
Before the final destination we could reach

We never gave her a second thought
Only stopped to get some gas
Every time they said we couldn’t pump it ourselves
This would make us start to laugh

Then one year we were bit by the gambling bug
And decided to give Atlantic City the college try
And discovered a whole coast of Jersey shore
Much more pleasant to a young man’s eye

One summer we fancied a canoe trip
And floated down the Water Gap
We never knew that there was so much beauty
Residing on the western side of the Jersey map

We began exploring other exits on the Turnpike
As the years started slipping by
Always amazed by the adventures that greeted us
With each new vacation we gave a try

When my career path lead to the Big Apple
New Jersey welcomed me in her home
I quickly made so many friends here
That I never felt I was alone

I now live in the Garden State
That a million others just drive through
I am sure many more would enjoy it here
If her diversity they only knew