The Taste of Bliss

Written by: Eileen Manassian

Your face illumines the night
It fills my soul with delight
Your body pressed next to mine
Makes my world dazzle with light

There is no present nor past
Only my heart beating fast
Your smile stops the hands of time
Promising that love with last

We look at the mighty sea
And I hear your pledge to me
That your love is much stronger
Than the sea could ever be

You turn my face to the sky
And whisper that it’s no lie
That the pure celestial lights
Can not reach your love on high

You run your hands through my hair
You swear an oath and a dare
That as long as life does last
Your love will always be there

You say that I’m your treasure
That your love has no measure
You ask me this to believe 
That life holds only pleasure

You seal your love with a kiss
Making my heart beat a miss
And as my world starts to spin
I know I’ve tasted sheer bliss