Computer generated poem edited by me

Written by: Katherine Poetryskates

Your skin glows like hot coals in  a winter fire

and blossoms  as softly as would a  bed of nettles in the dusty rains of spring

My burning heart rises like an organ

and leaps like a giraffe at the scream of your name,Charmaine

The evening descends like a crowd of great black crows’ wings

I am calmed by your old silk slip that I carry into the pub every night

not caring what the other men think of me.

I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears with blotting paper[ as I bought too much]

and give you freshly brewed brandy from my own glass teapot

As my cigar falls from my lip, it reminds me of your lost hopes of winning the Lottery.

In the hushed evening, I listen for the last strum and thump of the neighbour’s TV.

My heated body leaps into my bed along with my spirits and my photo of you and a few dozen other women.

I wait in the crystal moonlight for the email with your secret plans

so that we may peer at one another shortsightedly

in search of the the physical joys and spiritual completion of true love

whilst simultaneously watching ancient films on the TV

and cleaning our nails and ordering the groceries on line
and other tasks we don’t yet remember to forget

how beautiful it is to love and cherish someone as winter descends

like a ton of dead rabbits.

and Xmas approaches like a Victoria line train coming into Euston

almost sucking us off the platform to certain death.

How much longer will you keep me waiting?