The woman with the muffled voice

Written by: Yvette Lisa Ndlovu

Unhappy, unappreciated, underestimated.
Born to be weak.
Breed to be inferior.
Cursed to be abused.
Governed by emotions.
Enslaved to the kitchen.

"This is your life,"
she was told.
The injustice hid behind
 that grotesque phantom-
Centuries of rotten tradition
smothered her development.

The woman with no voice.
She screams within.
The sound jailed 
behind the bars of her lips
An inaudible plea.
Earsplitting silence.
Shrieking tranquility.

But- one day.
Her song will jail break.
The beautiful butterfly entombed 
in a soundproof cocoon,
will emerge.

The woman with the muffled voice
will transform
into the woman with a deafening roar!