I Try

Written by: Dan Kearley

   I try to live my life
       Not being like all the rest
             I try to use a little charm
               That might add a little zest
                  I try to shed love on others
                     So they may know how love feels
                         I try to shower the world in kindness
                             Just to see what it reveals
                                I try to change peoples worlds
                                  From the gloom that they all see
                                         I try to lighten peoples hearts
                                             So their hearts can fly free
                                                  I try to take away the sadness
                                                     That we feel in all our lives
                                                         I try to explain the gift of joy felt
                                                             When your spirit flys
                                                                  I try to show you all of these things
                                                                     But don't do them to impress
                                                                         I try to do all of these things
                                                                            Because I'm not like all the rest

Dan Kearley:11-30-12  :o)