Written by: abubaker m.zain

 What is time?
Sound rhetorical but it isn't
Ill try to explain with sentences that 
It is something we take for granted, 
something divine
But how much better would it be if 
you could just press rewind
Time is a part of everything as water 
is part of the living
When you have so little you don't 
know what to do, when you have 
too much you resort to killing
Time is a virtual stock market, how?
How can i compare time to NASDAQ 
Its simple, you invest in life like you 
invest in stocks
Risks and reward is the name of the 
game, but this market is regulated 
by the clock
Goals and achievements make life 
worth enduring
Spending it searching for wealth is 
not a life worth alluring
Time can only be controlled by god 
that's why i called it divine 
Trying to find the way to paradise 
with no metaphorical finishing line.