Light love

Written by: Deborah shepard

Light becomes the shades of auars hues
 Lasting beauty comes shining through
 Flowing in each feathery knot
 Tied to each heart, radiant glow

 Echoes sounded to and fro
 Silvery angels wings span high
 Shining from heaven above, soft light
 Yearning for each soul  gliding so

Porcelain Summer butterflies, dancing in cellos wind
 Ephemeral passions igniting my souls passion within
 Angels glide to me, Sullivan skies I see
 Glowing brightly 

My soul calling to you my love
 Thus mellowed through the ages , above
 Faded like amethyst wine
 Kisses filled me with summertime

Ross will fill my heart, Plumes in the each morning dew
 Love is forever my darling Gypsy kissed new
 I will be there to hold you 
My angels eyes

Cocooned in metaphoric I shall rise
 I am your angel , borrowed from heaven above
 To hold you forever untouched lullaby love
 My soul mate you are gathered for all to know