Donny N Tanya for life

Written by: Donald Helps

I love when ya lay ur head on my chest & listen to my heart
Every feeling I get from you has been real from the start
You love me for me, nobody has ever done that before
It's always been to use me or to see what they could score
You r so amazing Tanya, not like any of the others
Your an amazing woman & also a wonderful mother
How could I not love u, I would have to be dumb n blind
Cuz a woman as real & true & faithful as u is hard to find
I'm convinced that there really, seriously is no other like u
I'm just keepin it real baby, I'm jut tellin the truth
Your always down & willing to do anything with me
As long as we;re together we have so much fun baby,
But when I'm away from u I am lonely bored n sad
I'm sorry I'm away right now hunny, I really do feel bad
But ur my soldier girl, you've been real & stay strong for ur man
Even the haters try to break us, but they just cant
What we have is too real, it can't be broken or ruined
Just a lil bit longer my love, I'll be home soon
Back in my arms u'll be, in our brd wit ur head on my chest
Thats when I'll finally be able to get a good nights rest
I love you tanya, I miss u like crazy, ur my heart
I promise to never hurt u again, or to ever grow apart
Your so special to me, u are the love of my life
And married or not, I still consider us husband & wife
Its not whats on paper, its in our hearts how we feel
And I wanna spend my life with u forever, for real
Nothing will ever stop the love that I have for u
Donny & Tanya for life, and I know u'll always love me too