The Coldest season of man's life

Written by: sukkum chang

Every man has his lusty spring,
Symbolized by errant love
As an orchid that bloomer’s colorful fragrant,
Still half a man, he is frolicsome
Like a morning star as though heralds the coming of dawn he lives.
Just like ethylene alters the fruit ripened,
He maturates whence his mother wit ascend.
Moral sense overwhelms his errancy,
He now is watchful and meticulous.
And most of who find sereneness in jeune fille,
Share many a moment of his life in her blissful eyes.
When impediments and unrqeuitedness besiege his love,
He strays, loses course and prospect,
And looks back his bloom of youth.
As tides of the seas wrecks a sailor’s abode
By gravity pulling of sun and moon,
His yearn for her jovial love
Engulfs his soul in despair of the lovelorn,
This is whence he love true.
And most of who cease love second time,
And nods nearby the fireplace in the coldest season of man’s life
So waits for unalterable death,
Turn to sand where his antecedents’ laid.