How Many Questions Our Life Arise

Written by: Larisa Rzhepishevska

Not looking at anybody doesn’t mean not to see,
To do the things you like doesn’t mean to be free.
To be at the very verge of life doesn’t mean to die.
And standing on the ground doesn’t mean not to fly.
And how much to pepper so that all could be well?
And how much to sugar to sweeten  the hell?
To live a normal life doesn’t mean not to dream.
But how long to wait realizing that dream?
How loudly shout to suppress a whisper?
What questions to ask to recognize a twister?
Do not forgiving  offense is not to keep the evil,
A beautiful appearance can hide the devil.
Not screaming with pain, doesn’t mean not to suffer.
To be deceived, does not mean to be a duffer.
How cool to be to avoid the passion?
And how sensitive to be to see the affection?
Many questions in our tough life arise.
The answers are found if you are enough wise.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)