Written by: nicholas ethridge

i tried to find the truth in love,
 my worlds collided but my heart is still broken.
 in my eyes you can see the dying light, 
please take my hand, i don't want to be afraid.
 every lie i was ever told now feel like weapons, 
but the counselor ain't even helping.
 i use to have a picture of her in my pocket, 
and still clutched in my hand is her beautiful locket.
 now wait, i just felt my heart break,
 and the pain has become more then i can take.
 my blood is now spilling out of my veins,
 but the horrible memories aren't going away.
 to me it seemed like nobody really did care,
 but everyday felt like waking up to a nightmare.
 the reaper stole my soul like a thief in the night,
 i didn't see the signs or hear the warnings.
 all of my emotions are just spinning inside,
 but nothing could help as my world started to divide.
 my well being was burned to the ground,
 but my lips never made a sound.
 i know there's a hell inside of me,
 and it has become so hard for me to see.
 i just think that everyone i know is a liar, 
and i feel my whole body catching on fire.

nicholas ethridge 11-24-12