Written by: nette onclaud

They make me wait in kinetic motion mystically zooming in zooming out, and my eyes focus on irises of a frame where a hundred gulls flap a brief moment: carefully, I seize the image till they dash off into pieces of onion flakes, almost lost in transition as my knees scratch the stones for stealing angles of hiding beaks. Following the trail, I chance on an oversized orchard of trellis and bluebells knighting the glitter of vines sprawled on canes of pine wood… with my waist curled, the singular charm of this memory grabs my eyes: flowers posing without shame, beautiful like summer ‘s shape; and I go romping in the blur of rain searching for another row of same gulls panting. Aiming for a perfect range, I fire the shutter in strobe-like effect, feeling the pumping sensation in the blood: the twitch on my hands peaks until the lens connect to this heart on days when my pupils release a thrill of wonder in a field trailing miraculously on nature’s expanse. And life’s fleeting motions are frozen into a visual romance never to be seen in same way. Yet, as flashes of instances are arranged in a collage of dreams , Kodak images portray those I loved, encountered, and never known … but tattooed on skin of memory’s seasons. Contest: SandyIvyDavis Viewing Life Through a Lens by nette onclaud