The President Invites Romney to Lunch at the White House

Written by: Elton Camp

The President Invites Romney to Lunch

By Elton Camp

His rival to the White House he’s invited
It’s unlikely either one is really excited

There is a whole lot of public doubt 
As to what the two men will talk about

But most observers have a hunch
It’ll be quite an awkward lunch

“Hello, Mitt, welcome to the White House
I’m sorry I had to call you a lying louse”

“Likewise, Mr. President I had to say
That the economy you would betray”

“Before we eat, let me give you a tour
For you’ll never live here for sure”

“I did try to make you unemployed
Out of a job that you really enjoyed”

“I know you don’t want coffee or tea,
So water & serving of crow it will be”