Written by: Demetrios Trifiatis

(To the fighters of life)

I fought my way through life against all odds 
And came out victorious,
The enemies many, the battles innumerable
The pain unbearable,
But I stood my ground despite the beating 
Despite the cost, 


I faced malice, I faced deceit, I faced hate,
 And also betrayal, 
I were cold, I were hungry, I were lonely,
 And suffered a lot, 
But I stood my ground despite the tortures 
Despite the hurt,

My childhood stolen, my youth compromised,
 My manhood disillusioned,
 I had to accept, I had to deny, I had to allow 
And also to reject,
 But I stood my ground despite the pressure
 Despite the stress

I fought the tyrants; I faced the despots and many
 Wretched men, 
I pursued my dreams, I built my future 
And stood on the top,
By the Thermopylae guarding, despite the torments,
 Despite the loss 

© Demetrios Trifiatis