Darfur, Sudan

Written by: William Morrissey

         Darfur, Sudan

Yet again, there is a great deal of madness
As the entire world is filled with sadness
And men raise arms against each other
They fight as if they have no mother

Two hundred, thousand dead and the world stand still in silence
As Darfur is overwhelmed with blood and violence
Someone should take a stand
These people need  a helping hand

The warring factions are seriously misled
They move around in circles as if energized by horror and more bloodshed
To kill and drink the blood of hate
As they hope to gain a better fate

The United Nations seem to have no power
But it is time to act within this hour
So that all nations great and small
Should answer to this most serious call

If people could see the future of this time
And is able to read each other's mind
Then the planet could see it's greatest calm
Or the Earth rebels and do us harm

William  Morrissey 1/29/07