Forces of Good and Evil

Written by: William Morrissey

      Forces of Good and Evil

Angels of the dark and angels of the light
They walk among men, day and night
The advent of the third eye, hidden behind the curtain
Night vision of the human eye, in the future to be certain

Sometimes when in trouble, someone will be there
To show the vision of tomorrow, a time that is very near
In life, there are no coincidences and the people that one meet
Someway, somehow, these are the people who will keep one on his feet

Someone who try to help, do not dismiss in bitter apprehension
There may be a life-changing event that is above and beyond one's comprehension
It is easier to understand this world and the physical
What one does not perceive, one then becomes extremely critical

Being close to the one who says it can never be done; great evil, the big steal
This is the spirit of negativity and jealousy, the demon that can't save or heal
Dark forces are here to gamble with the mind, the destiny of the soul
It is here, the prime directive of the black-hearted; that is the goal

Be perceptive, free the spirit and be open-minded
Lest one is left behind, shocked, disoriented and blindsided
There is always more than one way to reach a resolution
With one heart, one mind, one soul; there is a solution

William Morrissey 9/04/07