Last Night

Written by: William Morrissey

      Last Night

This night , I hesitate
I stop three times, then continue; a dream within a dream
From Heaven to Earth and all around
And here I sleep; happiness smiles at me and brings much joy and laughter

The light energy of the soul
Is like a river of power, running through time
Born to walk this road of forgetfulness
Just one custodian of this planet, to carry the eternal torch of love and conversion.

To sleep, closed eyes which see and vision so clear
The one who listens while in deep slumber
When justice is near; a miracle to receive
To feel the Heavenly love; the spirit triumphant reign

The soul grows hungry for guidance and direction from the King
As the body becomes thirsty and tired, so does the spirit.
Even before the physical hunger is satisfied, the spirit gains strength
When the body is on the verge of hopeless retreat, the soul takes over.

William Morrissey 6/27/10 unfinished