Green Paradise

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

For a long time, we had black hell.
Now, we both exhale in green paradise.
Now, we live quiet as mice.
Green everywhere, isn't it nice?
Not much fighting, like before.
Lots of loving and much more.
Green all over the floor.
Not just cold hard cash,
Not just a long love rash,
But growth and multiplication,
Of our legacy and the world,
Being shown that we are,
Actually meant to be .
The hood's best of both world's,
Unite and soar, green and high
In the bountiful, blue sky.
Green paradise is more than nice.
It's delightful and insightful.
It's not jealous and not spiteful.
Green paradise in the pastures,
Of pure love is a life togehter,
That's destined by the one
Up above.
copyright 2012... Nicole S. Brown All rights reserved.