Magic Snow

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

~Magic Snow~ There was a year when magic snow arrived Creating a snowman that came to life All the kids in town were delighted to have such a frosty friend Someone they could have as a sleigh to slide down the hills once again~ This magic snow that once fell Was sworn to secrecy not to tell That this snow could make magic appear Bringing on a frosty friend full of cheer~ He would walk the streets singing a Merry Christmas song While the kids happily marched and sang along He brought such happiness in that small town that year Brought smiles on faces that once only allowed a trace of a tear~ Then eventually the winter chill finally came to an end Bringing on the threat of melting their frosty friend Sadly when they woke up the next morning Frosty was all melted in a puddle which left them mourning~ Each winter that arrives they all stare at the snowflakes coming down Wondering if their magic snow will come back around Leaving a memory of a friend they miss so A frosty friend created from that magic snow~