Written by: lola barron

My heart is overflowing, my time with you a pleasure.
No need to thank me for the flowers.
You'll be ok.

My time is of a premium, not enough to go around.
Why do you not look me in the eye.
Are you alright.

My head feels tight. It's pounding and pulsating.
Why do you ask over and over.
It's not your fault.

My red eyes sting from crying and sleep. No sleep.
Why are you shouting. I'm trying to help you.
You're not to blame.

My patience is dwindling. Nerves stripped raw.
Why does everything I do and say upset you so.
You cannot help it.

My head is imploding. My chest heaving. My control lost.
Why are the slippers no good. They are a perfect fit. I wanted you to love them.
Can you please try a little harder.

My mind feels unattached. My heart is heavy.
Why are you not shouting any more.
I'm sorry.