Written by: Lillie Williams


Prayer is the key to
Getting the job done
Through our prayers
Miracles are formed
When you pray
Always be prepared
Things will happen
Through spiritual prayers

Things will come upon us
And we know that they will
Tell God all about it
Just tell him how you feel
Meditate in your mind
And be persistence in prayer
God is only a call away
He is always there

Even though the eyes
Cannot see God;
He’s in the morning air
Whenever you need him
You can reach him
Through prayer 

Pray for your family
Pray for your friends
Pray to be establish
Until the very end
Prayer is an honorable way
To stay in touch with God
Through this line of faith
God will answer from the heart

Prayer is a powerful weapon
Nothing else can match
It brings down the highest mountain
Now what you think of that?
Be careful what you ask
Be careful what you say
Because all things are possible
When you bend your knees