Candle Of Love

Written by: Sara Kendrick

Light Just one Small candle Let it burn bright Just one small candle Gives forth its light Let it burn Glowing Bright Candle that tells the world About the Savior's love Show the world His Great love Through your adoration Of the King of Kings Through your respect of all Through your fidelity In your worship of Him In your passion for life Through your yearning for Him Cherishing only Him Let your flame grow upward Let your flame grow outward Engulf all who you touch Sit in enchantment_yearn To know Him much better Let your adulation grow Until your flame can't die Until all fervor rest Totally in His love A candle that tells the world about the Savior's love
Finis Thanks to Erich Goller who wrote a poem and explained this form..His poem's title is "Candle Of Hope"..