voice of death

Written by: Tamina hill

months goes by,and days seem like a cold cemetary,The clock ticks as a tear drop rolls down her cheek.She looked in the mirrow as sorrow devoured her soul.Listing to the cold keys of sucide playing in her ears.She drifted off to sleep.A familiar face appeared.Pain,hate and sorrow covered her face,her once precious eyes was now flooded with tears,she whispers''you i once love. i looked up to you and i engraved your promises withthin my heart;not knowing it was all lies"she tried to speak but no words came out,only tears seepted through her eyes.A cold voice spoke in the background,''love and faith have deserted you.Take my hand child and come with me.You will not have to face this anymore"
Her last tear drop hit the cold floor, sounding like broken glass.