POETIC Hodge-Podge - Repost

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

                                       The early morning sunshine peeks
                                        Over the majestic mountain peaks

                                       The mother louse , would quietly  knit
                                       A butterfly sweater for her newborn nit

                                      Twenty  pounds of dough has been kneaded
                                      For eighty-one cheery pies the  VFW  needed

                                      On a beautiful , brilliant, Blue Moon  night
                                      A fair maiden :Rescued by Sir Valiant knight

                                    My Heartbeats life again : it has found someone New
                                    My Dearest Barbeeg, Barbara Jean : I LOVE YOU
                                                     “ I Thought YOU Knew “

                                         In Dedication to Barbara Jean Gorelick