More Hodge-Podge - Repost

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

                                       Sadly I heard my mother Groan
                                       Look how tall my son has Grown
                                        Poor little lamb what have you Heard?
                                        Is the big bad wolf hiding in the Herd?

                                        Now come and see the most amazing Feat
                                         I will walk on my hands instead of my Feet
                                         At the ball game sitting  on the third Tier
                                         The TWINS LOSE I shed  a  joyful  Tear

                                          Yesterday I had a dream, a dream so Real
                                          Caught a Six pound  trout with a Zebco  Reel

                                        Inspired by a comment on “Hodgepodge POETRY”
                                                         Dedicated To Raul Moreno
                                                      Give it a try my POETIC Friend