Pieces of Confusion

Written by: Chrissy Pierce-Guzman

Each Day I awake to find myself still so very confused
My mind is full of cobwebs of confusion

There are a million puzzle pieces

Where do this pieces fit?

What picture is trying to form?
I can't seem to shake them together
I sit here puzzled by my exsistence

I have always been told...

Who I am to be...
What I am to do...
Where I am to go...

Now I must etch my own path....

has always been that fragmented piece

that was lost among the winds of change

Change always seem to consume me

whether I was ready to fight or not

These ghostly images who led me...

also left me broken in a million pieces

And never could tell me why????

I walked through my horrid nightmare

with blinders on to numb the pain

People say I was courageous

I never believed that!

I never wanted to feel

I tried not to feel but the battle raged on...

I stood at the edge of a life that was so framented and broken

My hair would tossle in the angry wind

My eyes would sting and burn 

I tried to rub the hurt away

My face was still left tortured and stained

Nothing seemed to wear it away

I carried it with me

I used it as a shield of protection

My bloody shield 

with jagged metal edges

It offered me a sense of comfort

Now It has been ripped from my broken hands

I fought to keep "it"
Scared to live without the pain

Now I must Learn to live without it....

Yes Everyday is a struggle

Learn to live without my pain

Seems like an easy concept

If I could only find which pieces fit where??????

Chrissy M. Pierce