Innocent Fruits

Written by: Evangeline Demate

Gun fires...people screaming..

trucks running to-and-fro...

Endless noise ears are tired.

A scary scene fits not to the mind of a child.

Lifeless cold bodies are lying next to their innocent eyes

Self-centered citizens who could kill

to fight to what they think is right.

Pity those children who doesnt know the answers.

Everyone is longing for peace,

An army of souls hopefully appeal,

In every heart sobriety reigns at last.

Blood and sweat mix together

Who will be the one to first quit?

Those who anticipate holding their breathe

or those who struggle up to the last minute?

No one one knows...

Understanding seems hiding somewhere,

One race...

Now it doesnt even matter.

We are created in one same step

Why make it hard to who shall rightfully rule...

Exchanging words of different thoughts

Opinions are laid, one gets striked.

Hard to solve because of hard-headed people.

Ruthless hearts full of vengeance

Many lives are already sacrificed.

OHHH...aren't you getting sick of this???