Have Things Changed For The Worse

Written by: Jim Pemberton

Circumstances in life can quickly turn “for the worse.” Perhaps you feel as if you’ve “been cursed?” Trials in life quickly arise, Often, catching one by surprise. Perhaps you’re not sure what to do? Or sure whom to really turn to? I know that God is waiting herr for you! It’s no secret, How much he loves you! Won’t you give Jesus your attention? His word will guide you into the right direction! His love can bring true fulfillment, And bring peace, and true enjoyment! He'll pick you up when you fall down! And be there for you! When no on else is around! Give him your every burden, worry and care. He removes every burden! And is always there! He can do what no other power can do! He calls your name! And patiently waits for you! He can take a bad situation, And turn it around! There’s an abundant life for you! Just waiting to be found! By Jim Pemberton