Oswald And The Dragon

Written by: Owen Yeates

This is the story of Oswald the knight
A kindly little fella who did not like to fight
He loved the lady Rowena, with all his heart and soul
To win her hand in marriage he had to attain a goal

Rowena’s father Sir Isaac had set him a fearful task
He must kill the local dragon, before marriage he could ask
So Oswald set of with heavy heart this duty to perform
The weather it was awful a real frog striping storm

His journey would take him to Archery wood
When he reached there he wondered if he could
Find enough courage to finish the task
So for marriage to Rowena he may at last ask

With sword, shield, trusty steed and a lance
The brave Oswald began to advance
Till in a clearing the dragon he spied
He shook in his armour and he nearly cried

The dragon was sleeping so Oswald decreed
This was the best time to attack yes indeed
He raised his lance charged forward at pace
Bounced of the dragon landed on his face

When he looked round he was next to the beast
He thought if the dragon awoke he would have a feast
The eyes of the dragon slowly opened wide
A voice filled the air as the dragon then cried

Why is it that you all think I am bad
Why have they sent to you to kill me young lad
Oswald was stunned and said with a squeak
I did not know that a dragon could speak

I am old said the dragon my fire is low
My movements once swift have now become slow
I require nothing but to be left alone
A tear in his eye and a long doleful moan

Oswald explained why he was there
The dragon thought it just was not fair
Oswald devised a plan so insane
The dragon agreed as it caused him no pain

Oswald would find somewhere for the dragon to hide
So off on his steed Oswald he did ride  
He found a place that the dragon would crave
A warm shelter of a cavernous cave

In return for his help the dragon so frail
Shook and gave Oswald some scales from his tail
He scorched all his armour also his lance
They may think you have killed me if at these things they glance

So Oswald returned with the scales in hand
Sir Isaac gives him a welcome so grand
Oswald he spun a most beautiful tale 
Of the death of the dragon and the taking of scale

Oswald and Rowena later were wed
On their honeymoon to the cave she was led
She was so happy that Oswald could not slay 
The dragon with whom as a friend would long stay

Her children have met him and just like their dad
Keep the secret of the dragon, who now grew old and drab
Finally the dragon he passed away
So did Oswald and Rowena the very same day

The children they kept vigil over their grave
All buried now in the dragon’s old cave 
A big boulder covers the hole, so no one may intrude
That’s how the story of Oswald and the dragon concludes