I Love To Sneeze

Written by: Jack Ellison

Don't know about you but I love to sneeze
A good one will bring me down to my knees

Blasting my head right off of my neck
A feeling that makes me an absolute wreck

Shivering on down to my little ole toes
You certainly must know how that all goes

Feels so damn sexy I might hasten to add
A sensation that drives me totally mad

Sure rather sneeze than peel potatoes
Prefer sneezing to playing with Play-Doh

Nicer than poking a sharp stick in my eye
Not quite as painful as a dart in my thigh

Imagine your hoo-ha being caught in a vice
Can't be very pleasant, sure can't be nice

Wanna sneeze till I'm rolling on the floor
Gimme that feeling, want more, more, more

But don't tell my friends I beg of you please
Kinda embarrassed about loving to sneeze

© Jack Ellison 2012