New Jersey

Written by: Seren Roberts

What does it mean to me
New Jersey
It means smell and warmth
iI…….  oops wrong sort of Jersey
Here we go start again …….

Was the home of the Lenape Indians
Till the Dutch and Swedes came their way
Followed by the British who named
It after a channel island off the UK

Was the home of many a battle
Including the American revolutionary  war
Who tried to oust the British rabble
Not such an easy chore

New Jersey has many counties
21 was the latest score
Morris County was indeed a pleasant one
Rich in tradition and folk lore
Theirs Atlantic and Bergen, Burlington too
Camden, Cape May, Cumberland  to name but a few
Essex, Gloucester and Hudson come next in line
Hunterdon,  Mercer and Middlesex are doing just fine
Monmouth, Morris and Ocean is that enough
Pacific, Salem and Somerset I am now out of puff
Sussex, Union and Warren  …….That is New Jersey