Written by: Seren Roberts

What is this  white stuff the Doormouse said
Its called snow said the big rat, why aren't you in bed
It may  look like icing on a big cake
Trust me little fella, lovely it aint

Its cold and so wet, though looks crisp and  fine
Its used for making snow men and snowballs sometimes
But when out comes the sun with blury rays
It melts and run like the River Hayes

This causes flooding making people sad
Shaking their fists at the bad luck they've had
This makes vegetable expensive to buy
So soon they kiss all their  savings goodbye

This is called winter, but spring comes next
Along with the flowers, they've had a rest
Birds a tweeting bees that hum 
But best of all along comes the sun

From your winter den thats warm and snug
Shake yourself down give yourself a hug
Another winter over your still alive
Hello spring its great you've arrived