free cee THIS POEM was channeled through me by the incomperable VIENNA

Written by: jeffry cohan


Legs less their linen
Two bodies bare of blouse
As fingers toward their targets thrust
When a woman wore only white
And the woman swore only lust
She lay on sand nay begged a towel
Yet never bid a word of foul
Acceptance came with actions born
And naked still to greet the dawn
The lady I found wearing white
An oh by an ocean on a secret’s whispered night
No names exchanged no vows foretold
But two bodies for each to enfold
The sea sang its sultry song of surf and waves
For that is how the sea behaves
And all the secrets the seashore saves
Whitecaps conceived and quite contrite
And there lay she, stripped of white
With blessedness carved by Neptune’s will
As I caressed each crevice, curve and hill
And yet the seashore’s secret silent still
And quiet yet the sea to be
As she atop and under me
When two agendas came unto agree
In the darkness of one secret night
And namelessly I bid fare thee well to the woman who wondrously once wore white
   © 2012   copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~