shadow of the night

Written by: Ronald Kim Torres

oh my sweet little angel, i saw you crying
i can see those tears won't stop falling
i know, i'm the shadow of the night
i'll cast a torch, even though i'll lose this life

oh sweet little angel, the night won't be forever
the sun would cast me out, but its never over
just wait till the day ends
i will always be a friend

try to be awake the whole night
i'll wipe all those tears in sight
but if you don't want to see me
just sleep and dream, and just let it be

oh sweet little angel, i can hear you weeping
i can feel those tears, even though its not falling
i may not know why, that created those tears
but let it not into you, it'll just give you fears

try to breathe and sigh
here are the answers, don't ask why
try to feel and be real
here is your world without ordeal

oh my sweet little angel, i want to hold you tight
but i can't, i'm just a shadow of the night
one day you'll learn to forget me
i've got no reason to hold you here till eternity

oh my sweet little angel, i want to see you smile
when the night falls, i know its just for a while
but still i'll try to make you win the fight
because i'm only just a shadow of the night