Love Me Once More

Written by: Abdul Malik

Come back into my life again
If it's but to forsake me again,
Come back for a moment brief
Oh, even if it's to give me grief.

It's been a long time and I forgot
Did we love each other or hurt a lot?
Seeing you again might revive the pain
Come even if it's to find my faults again.

Let's relive the lovely days of yore,
And give our love a chance once more,
Oh, I've been missing you of late
And roaming about in a confused state.

Oh, how do I relate to everyone,
What do I say, why me you shun?
If you are hurt because of me
Then come for the world to see.

Even if it's to break my heart - Come,
And spend time with me some,
Then turn your back and walk away
Even if you've to forever go away!