Written by: Ikenna Igwe


In there lies the cheese;

Sniffing. Enticing. Drawing.

Yummy – calling out loudly.

Should resist. Should be gone.

But the urge…oh, the urge.

Can this be a trap? Maybe.

A furtive glance all round.

The coast seems clear. Safe.

But why in there…in that glassy thing?

What’s it called again?…ah, yes, a bottle.

Sniffing. Watching. Waiting. Vibrating.

Haven’t had a decent meal in days.

In there, danger. Out here, hunger.

Think. Think. Think. Quick. Quick. Quick.

I can do this. Fast in. Fast out.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Hungry and alive. Satisfied and dead.

The cheese smells so delicious.

Craving trumped caution. 

Made a mad dash for it.

Hardly in when the bottle closed.

A determined sound. Too bad.

Well, at least I’ve got the cheese.

Instantly gobbled it down – 

And calmly waited for an unknown fate.