Written by: Abdul Malik

Intricate are the patterns
that Dream weaves in the
darkest realm of my mind;
I once saw myself walking
along the seashore of
gleaming golden sands
strewn with sparkling gems.

There were women -
Fair, bald and beautiful -
sprawled naked on the beach
groveling at my feet
squirming and moaning
in the scorching heat
of the midday sun.

I saw myself standing amid them
dressed in a sheik's flowing robe
and wearing a bejeweled turban.
In my one hand I held
a glittering Excalibur
and an olive branch in the other.

At that moment I saw
someone riding upon
a giant bald eagle,
wearing a suit of armor,
swooping down on me
from the heavens;

In his left hand
He clutched a scroll,
In his right he held
a huge quill like a lance;

With the dexterity of a knight
He thrust the quill into my heart!

Abdul Malik