Wet Blurting

Written by: DON JOHNSON

Wet Blurting 80 year Ole Francisco, yes he said, off the blinking top of his head, A bowel fix here today! Ya know cheese blocks you up instead, Don’t blurt in diss-aray, Old people drop one, an go ooooh, Some feathers in the fluff, Sand Goannasa drowning in the stew, Could fill ya pants plum duff, So listen when I say, Cheese slab every day, You wont be farting other stuff, No blinking bloody blanking way! So figure out the dose to eat, Explosive liquid aint so neat, Constipation on ya creeps, Cut back on cheese today, No explosions in the hay, Eat cheese ya bugger, sweet, Fun blurting hey hay hey… Don Johnson Hey fever don’t like cheese, tuff ticky, adapt to a cheese diet…it bloody works!