Armageddon of My Soul

Written by: Naveah Rassan

Swords, the blood and the death within
This is where the battle has just begin
Battalions of conflictual thoughts at once they all come
Beating in the depths pounding like a drum

The battlefield is soil my life feels bare
As if no one is alive, No one was ever there
I am a ghost of what once was lost
I have fought now death is the cost

Suddenly I see a light peeping through I feel the pain
I smell the stench, I see the stain
Then came a flood of blood but it seems to redeem?
It washed my soul now I am clean

It looks clean like the first winter snow
Spotless and pure it just goes with a flow
Open the gate welcome the One who has made me whole
This is the Armageddon of my soul